Meet Dana Frid


Behold, the tongue-in-cheek, brand play, fashion genre is still around and its latest member is Dana Frid of the Gypset Girl.

We loved, snickered at and coveted Homies and Féline from Brian Lichtenberg and logo mosaics from Ava Norui, clearly obsessed with parodies of our favorite luxury fashion houses. Cairo-born Frid is now stirring this well established pot with her saucy “Die for Dior”, “Keep the Snakes Away Unless They Gucci” and ”Fuck Dior Marry Prada” slogans. These are delicately juxtaposed with Frid’s signature flora and fauna artwork which adorn t-shirts, hoodies, and pants. Hers was a classic millennial love-story; 17 year-old girl meets Tumblr and a whirlwind romance ensues. Coming from an artistic family – her mother is a part-time painter and sketch artist –  this meet-cute fell on fertile soil and she was whisked away from her homeland’s struggles into a world of style, design, fashion and art. As she explained to us, Egypt has many preoccupations but fashion is not one of them, clothing is viewed as a utilitarian necessity rather than artistic medium or frivolous luxury. For over a year, Frid has been actively challenging this system, drawing much of her inspiration from popular culture, R & B music and art, as well as keeping her distribution and marketing strategy very simple – Instagram. We are no strangers to the magical powers of the platform and harnessing its power is definitely something Frid has mastered with over 26k followers and a steady amount of orders over the last two months. Frid’s operation, for now, is small and her creations are only available to order by email but as she nears graduation from university, bagging a business and political science degree no less, she looks to move to the ultimate fashion capital – Paris. There, she says, she will be able to work on expanding her brand beyond t-shirts and hoodies and have greater success to models, photographers and other individuals needed for building a veritable fashion house. She highlights that art will continue to be her primary inspiration and told us she tries to be artistic in all aspects of her life. Her philosophy is that art belongs not only on paper but on clothing as well, and she fully intends to continue effortlessly combining it with bold, brand inspired slogans that resonate perfectly with her generation. The slogans were born out of her love for all things

R & B and rap and the culture this music genre inspires, but she hopes to diversify her work and look to bolder designs and artistic influences.

Frid surely has convinced us and before she fulfills our hopes and dreams of an online store and imminent move to Paris, we will vehemently stalk her Instagram for new designs and brighter, bolder motifs, which you can purchase on our website.  We’re betting good money they will soon be proudly sported by influencers and celebrities alike so excuse us while we order them en-masse.