Winter Trend Tips by A. Fuks


We are slowly transitioning into the winter season, and it’s time we get to know this season’s fashion trends: velvet, coarse shoes, feathers, crystals, leather dresses and coats, denim (head-to-toe), triangular heels, belt bags, space-look, oversized puffy coats, massive sneakers and sport style.

Velvet was present in almost every haute couture collection this year, and it’s definitely one of the trendiest fabrics this autumn. Dresses, skirts, trousers as well as Jackets! Velvet shoes for the bravest (and for those living in friendlier climate). I am personally fascinated with belt bags in this material, as they   can transform any look from casual chic to high fashion.

Coarse shoes have remained trendy for several seasons now. Looking at standout pieces, think runway Saint Laurent, thigh-high boots with a straight cut, which can be scrunched down creating an edgy look. Geometric heels! How shall I put it…the weirder the more fashionable! My personal limit is triangle heels with a pointed toe.

Feathers and crystals can go one category. Wouldn’t call it an every-day trend, more of a “night-out” vibe. Feathers on skirts, sleeves, hemlines, trousers, even evening shoes – anything will work! Big crystals absolutely took over this year’s catwalks. The more, the merrier! If it’s a shirt, they cover it fully, same with the boots. Dresses with details (edge piping on skirts, low necks, sleeves, shoulders) don’t look vulgar, but elegant, especially coarse, men-style velvet decorated with crystals! Managed to win  over fashionistas and critics as well.

Future is sexy. Silver, transparent plastic, everything that’s part of the space theme is currently in trend. I’m not convinced if our men will share the same opinion on this trend, as it may remind them of those crazy fantasy movies about spaceships, so I suggest not to “overdo” your look. These are my tips to help you pull this trend off, while remaining totally feminine. Mix oversized warm knitwear with silver leather pants (or silver jeans), glossy metallic colored jackets, shoes, bags and accessories. My main tip is to always keep something neutral and soft in this look. Mix and match, ladies!

It’s getting really cold now, but who cares?! This season’s trends are awesome! I’m totally in love with it – being fashion acceptable in winters. We all have grandmothers who wear huge puffy coats in the winter when they go for a walk – now would be a great time to borrow that jacket from grandma! I’m kidding, but now you definitely have an image in your mind of what you should be looking for. The bigger – the better! Jackets could be made out of classic ski-material, velvet, patent leather (these are the hottest now!), silk, cashmere and so on… You can’t make this look “too much” simply, because of the time of the year and the weather conditions, so it’s definitely a win-win trend. Stay warm and fashionable.

Jeans have always been in trend. Overalls, suits, and jackets are popular this season. Indigo is definitely in right now, but I am rather a fan of light jeans. As for me, overalls are a dubious thing. It’s rare that a cut will highlight or emphasize your body rather than make it unflattering. Of course, if you weigh 45-50 kg, there is nothing you should worry about, and you can safely take advantage of this trend.

We refuse to take off tracksuits for several seasons, and that’s good because they are convenient and finally socially acceptable to wear out. I’m a fan of wide hoodies and pants, as well as striped leggings. Couture trainers are an absolute must, they will serve you long, although Sam Smith from Adidas plays the role of fashion footwear. The sporty style also works the other way around – sporty top, and a smart lower part. Add heels to your look, and you will automatically kill the trend game, though is quite a risky option. The tracksuit should be the same color and well-balanced for you to look decent rather than odd, when mixing with heels.

Have you seen huge sneakers that look like you are a stepping monster? That is also one of the biggest trends now. I can’t say I’m a fan of the trend, but definitely understand why some people like it. First of all, who doesn’t like comfortable sneakers? As they are massive, the platform is for sure made properly and gives you full stability. Second of all, there is a vision trick when your shoes are bigger (wider, chunkier) than normally it makes your legs look slimmer. In this season you can wear those with a dress, tracksuit, jeans, skits – it works with every look, there’s nothing to worry about – you can wear them literally all the time.

Leather coats & dresses are always in my wardrobe whatever the trends are. I consider these pieces timeless, stylish and definite must-haves. They will perfectly complete any look or make a perfect statement piece, if your look is too simple or boring – you put on a leather coat and immediately your look outdoes the crowd. Many people see leather as a bold detail of the wardrobe, but not me, I consider it an absolute must – have.

Enjoy this season, try on new looks, and don’t be afraid, it’s so exciting!


AF xх