Who Is the GypsetGirl?

Gypset Girl is a free-spirited creature, raised within different cultures and is open-minded to the world. She surrounds herself with inspiring and contrasting people, equally enjoys night out raving and attending a black tie event. She’s an ultimate citizen of the world, because she draws inspiration from her constant travels, trying herself out in different spheres and sharing a piece of her kind heart with everyone, who surrounds her. She believes in women empowerment, but will still perfectly mix hype pieces with an elegant look. She has her own style, which reflects her versatile lifestyle and expresses her ideas to the world.

She is the new ‘it-girl’ of the generation Z. To the Gypset Girl!

Photographer: Aline Gontar

Stylist: Alina Gelzina

Models: Laura Tserkovna, Marina Filipchuk

Make up: Yulya Zalesskaya